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Our Services

Blacklake Management Partner supports its clients to identify possible market shifts early on, to design sustainable perspectives for their business development and to implement the chores that arise from them for the company in an efficient operational approach.

The real estate industry is currently exposed to a massive pressure to transform. The need for environmental action, the digital transformation revolutionising businesses and buildings, intensifying shifts in user behaviour, demographic change, jitters on the financial and capital markets and growing geopolitical tensions – all of these contribute to the various complex challenges that companies in the real estate sector face at the moment.

Our services include, without being limited to:

Strategic Management Consultancy

Dynamic companies frequently find themselves face to face with special challenges in their evolution.

Such challenges should be addressed early on and in a dedicated fashion. This requires the review, further development or new development of objectives, concepts and measures including the design of the entire business models.

Blacklake Management Partner facilitates these corporate cycles, collaborating with the senior management to jointly find the right strategy for achieving the stated objectives, defining priorities for action, and handling the coordination of associated tasks.

Our services include, without being limited to:

  • Market and Competitive Analyses
  • Corporate Analyses
  • Identifying Business Opportunities and Risks
  • Deriving Strategic Goals
  • Verifying, Optimising or continuously Developing Business Strategies
  • Supporting the Implementation of these Measures
Portfolio Advisory

Real estate portfolios are always exposed to the risk of changes. All sorts of influencing factors come into play. Market developments impact the factors defining the value of real estate. Especially in times of multidimensional transformation, large real estate holdings should undergo stress tests. In addition, regulatory requirements under the Taxonomy Regulation and the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation need to be met.

Are portfolios sufficiently diversified and structured to ensure long-term stability and safety? Are there plans to reshuffle or restructure them? Answering these questions presupposes a high level of transparency for the entire portfolio. Blacklake Management Partner supports institutional and private investors, real estate companies and family offices in their efforts to cope with these tasks.

Our services include, without being limited to:

  • Supporting the analysis of portfolio, investment fund and cost structures
  • Portfolio and fund evaluations, adjustments and optimisations
  • Assisting with portfolio restructuring
  • Identifying potential threats and supporting the implementation of measures
  • Providing investment advisory and facilitation as well as second opinions
  • Supporting the structured selection of investment and asset managers
  • Facilitating the digital transformation of the real estate investment universe
  • Representing voting rights in investment committee meetings and on advisory boards
Operational Excellence

Today’s real estate business poses a variety of challenges on the management level:

In addition to securing financial prosperity in these times of multiple challenges, companies also have to live up to their environmental and social accountability. It is the senior management’s job to decide which measures are best suited to ensure the company meets these requirements.

Especially in phases of special challenges, we ensure the excellence and efficiency of the organization and thus the company’s ability to act.

Our first-hand experience of many years has taught us what to do and how to get it done. Our tailored approach to project management combines long-term experience of successfully heading real estate companies with our ample leadership experience gained in senior positions at consultancy firms.

Our services include, without being limited to:

  • Optimising or adapting the corporate organisation to emerging challenges
  • Stabilising and optimising the funding structure and securing the ability to access the capital market
  • Supporting and bolstering entrepreneurial decisions
  • End-to-end optimisation and digitisation of the operational model
  • Smart integration of resources of the commissioning company

Our services include, without being limited to:

  • Owner representation in transaction advisory contexts by representing the owner’s interests
  • Organisation, management and controlling (PMO) of all process stakeholders, especially service providers
  • Integrating and motivating the client’s in-house human resources
  • Executing and controlling corporate, portfolio and single transactions either as share deals or asset deals
  • Restructuring-related M&A activities
M&A and Transaction Advisory

Buying and selling real estate or entire real estate companies requires a high level of experience, diligence and coordination.

Blacklake Management Partner supports buyers and sellers during the run-up to the decision-making process, preparation, execution and settlement of transactions.

We leverage our long-term experience to secure the economic interests of the respective client.

Capital Markets Advisory

Blacklake Management Partner helps its clients to develop optimal capital structures tailored to the respective business model, and to engage potential capital providers. If needed, we will also secure the commissioning company’s ability to access the capital market. The current market situation requires a stable funding structure as well as intelligent refinancing management if needed.

Blacklake has comprehensive expertise in the control of capital-market-focused companies and in the organisation of sustainable funding structures. Moreover, we have assisted institutional investors and leading fund managers in senior positions over many years.

Our services include, without being limited to:

  • Assessment and establishment of investment strategies
  • Investor representation
  • Selection processes of investment and asset managers
  • Accompaniment with fundraising, funding and restructuring
  • Setting up and optimising regulated fund business arrangements
  • Establishing or securing the ability to access the capital market
  • Assisting with co-investments, club deals and the identification of capital partners
  • Analysing and optimising debt funding, and facilitating negotiations
Real Estate Optimisation and Property Development

Blacklake Management Partner …..

The multidimensional change and its consequences presents real estate owners with complex challenges. Real estate projects in existing and new construction must be rethought: How will people live and work in the future? How do traditional usage concepts change? What do the products look like in the future? How can the inventory be used efficiently? What does a sustainable successful district development look like?The clever and trusting merging of often conflicting interests of different stakeholders (municipality, neighbors, tenants and the builder) is becoming increasingly important in order to implement projects successfully. In addition, the built environment must meet the most modern sustainability requirements. A special challenge will be to react intelligently and efficiently to the permanently developed regulator to the time and targeted implementation of the sustainability goals of the United Nations (UN Sustainable Development Goals) “in time”.

Our services include, without being limited to:

  • Sustainable development strategies (city / quarters / portfolio / building)
  • Corporate Real Estate & Modern New Work Environments
  • Accompanying and coordinating building right creation
  • Programming & product design
  • Sustainability Due Diligence & Manage to Green
  • Stakeholder-Management

Blacklake Management Partner supports real estate owners to meet these diverse requirements despite the challenging framework. We combine many years of experience in project development with the enthusiasm for sustainability and innovation. And this based on a resilient real estate -economic foundation.

Our services include, without being limited to:

  • Identifying repositioning opportunities
  • Supporting the implementation of repositioning efforts
  • Coordinating the restructuring management
  • Assuming the corporate-restructuring management
  • Handling the communication and stakeholder management
RE Positioning and RE Structuring

Companies or corporate units can become unprofitable over time, which in the worst case may jeopardise the survival of the company.

Responding early on to adverse business developments will ensure that the company and its management retain the capacity to act.

Blacklake Management Partner helps companies in the real estate industry to recognise repositioning and restructuring needs, and to implement value-conserving and simultaneously target-driven measures.

Takeover of Board Functions

We support companies in the real estate industry by taking over supervisory board mandates, advisory board mandates or positions on the management board or the board of directors.

We will gladly make our services available for temporary stints, and will coach companies through demanding tasks by acting in responsible positions.

We will actively leverage our experience in corporate governance, our network connections to top decision makers in the industry, and our first-rate reputation in such roles.

This way, we let our clients benefit from a wealth of experience, a clear understanding or target-driven and value-based corporate governance, peerless contacts within the industry, and from the enhanced recognisability of their companies once we assisted them.

Business Judge Mind

Business Judge-Mind is the brand, under which Blacklake offers lectures and further training on central real estate and economic issues for real estate companies, real estate financiers and their executives.

Business Judge-Mind uniquely positions itself by combining, on the one hand, strategic market analyses and the identification of potential knock-on effects within the real estate economy (Business Mind)

with proposals for the concrete response to these market observations and real estate economic knock-on effects on the executive level, on the other hand (Business Judgement).

Remuneration & Participation

Our fees are tailored to a given assignment and to the client at hand, and are therefore negotiated on a one-off basis.

We are principally open to the option to combine a basic remuneration of hourly or daily rates with a performance-based fee that is tied to certain milestones.

In selected cases, we are moreover prepared to acquire financial interests in the start-up companies we advise, or to accept equity interests in a given target company as partial payment of our performance-based remuneration for the respective assignment.

It is a convincing way for Blacklake Management Partner to demonstrate the alignment of our own interests with those of our clients.