Providing Experience for Managing Complexities


„We believe we make experiences, but the experiences make us.”

(Eugène Ionesco)

Experiences are what define our personalities and the progressively evolving ways in which we think and act. Together, with the inner values we embrace and the vision of a sustainably and responsibly acting real estate economy, experiences represent the bedrock of our professional conduct.

In a time when the real estate economy confronts new challenges, this robust foundation attains key significance for management consultancy and corporate governance.

Blacklake Management Partner combines long-term experience in the real estate industry with an established set of corporate values and a clear-cut vision of mutually reinforcing accountabilities.

As an experienced management partner, we stand by the side of entrepreneurs and enterprises during critical and challenging times.

Our Corporate Values

Our corporate values serve the dual purpose of providing us with identity and guidance.

Our activities are based on the self-image of :

  • integrity, open-mindedness, and respect
  • absolute customer centricity
  • diversity 2.0
  • transparency of performance
  • clear-cut target structure and result-orientation
  • consistent project governance.

The objective is to achieve operational excellence in all of our activities – the obligation to excellence as our guiding principle.